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This New Technology Is Going To Make Your Computer Obsolete

By Money Morning Staff Reports

A new technology called 3D computing is about to make every high-tech device on the planet obsolete.

That includes your tablet, smartphone… and yes the computer you're probably reading this on," says veteran technology analyst Michael Robinson.

"It's a fundamental redesign of computing power that has been 50 years in the making."

Robinson says it's very rare that a new technology truly represents a "sea change" across so many industries and applications. The last of this enormity, according to Robinson, was the advent of the transistor in the late 1950s – the basis of modern electronics and undoubtedly the greatest invention of the 20th century.

He also believes that when the 3D computing breakthrough makes its debut, it will deliver a bonanza payday for early investors.

Editor's note: Some analysts think 3D Computing will be one of the biggest profit opportunities of the century. .

The fundamental design of this new technology started with a very simple – and profitable – idea.

It all begins with transistors – the tiny "brain cells" that store and process information in modern computers.
Traditionally, transistors only operate properly when they're laid out in a single layer.

But a new technological advance has made it possible to stack them – taking them into the "third dimension."

"Think of it this way: A file cabinet holds a lot more information than a single sheet of paper," says Robinson. "As basic as that sounds, engineers have only just now figured out how to go 3D and add "drawers' filled with transistors."

This technology will allow compute makers to pack billions more transistors into the brain of your next computer or smartphone. And the more transistors a computer has the faster it runs.

One company on the forefront of 3D technology says its latest advance will create computers that run than the one you're currently using. That's the equivalent of putting rocket engines from the space shuttle Atlantis… on a bicycle.

And that sort of speed will open up new possibilities for nearly every industry that depends on high tech gadgets.

"It's very rare that a new technology truly represents a "sea change' across so many industries and applications," says Robinson. "I predict this key breakthrough technology will soon have a dramatic impact on everything."

What the Experts Say:Experts predict this key breakthrough technology will soon have a dramatic impact on everything from artificial intelligence and robotics to medical research to aerospace to gaming and beyond. The investment opportunities are exponential. And one company stands to profit most. It debuts its new chips this summer..