Oil Trading Today: This Trade Just Hit Green Light Status


This Trade Just Hit Green Light Status

After 7 years, the final piece of the puzzle fell into
place for a trade that can hand you 5 times your
money in the next 60 days...

Dear Reader,

I'm Dr. Kent Moors. I have a quick lesson for you in oil trading today.

It's a way to make anywhere from five to nearly 10 times your money in oil in the next 60 days – no matter which way the price moves.

What I LOVE about this technique is that you can see in advance exactly how much money you stand to make.

You could walk away with $96,365 on this single trade. And that's just one projection. The fact is, the upside's unlimited. This trade could readily go as high as $114,000.

In fact, the last time oil prices were as volatile as they are today, this trade turned $10,000 into $300,556, over 30 times your money. And that payoff was triggered by an event that we just saw again for the first time since 2008.

Now I can't promise you'll make 30 times your money this time around. That's an exceptional case, no doubt. But even a fraction of those profits could change your life.

Long story short, now is the best time in seven years to enter this trade.

And it costs next to nothing to get started. You can be in this trade today for as little as $116, but you can go as big as you want.

There's no limit on how much you can put into this trade. Or how much you can make from it.

Not an Oil Investment

Just to be clear, oil makes this trade possible, but it's NOT an oil investment.

It's not stocks, bonds, or anything long-term.

It's not an investment, period.

It's a TRADE. A short-term way to make 9.6 times your money – or more – without buying a drop of oil.

Here's where it gets really good: You don't have to know which way oil prices are heading.

Again, that's the beauty of this technique. It works the same whether oil swings up or down. You see, the trade covers both sides. So as long as the price moves, as I believe it will, you can make a killing.

You never see average investors trading this way, because they don't know how. But traders at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank do it all the time.

All it takes is three minutes and one extra mouse click. Now, one thing you should know is that the trade I'm talking about only works with one specific security. It was issued by a Delaware Limited Partnership in 2006 and is now run by two Berkeley grads out of a small office in Oakland, California.

The good news is that it is extremely liquid.

So it's easy to move in and move out.

But best of all, it gives you a real chance to turn $10,000 into $96,635 or more in the next 60 days.

To make this kind of money in a REGULAR trade, you'd have to bet on which way crude prices are heading.

Not THIS one.

If oil shoots UP it can make you nine times your money... while if the price takes another hit, it can make you five times your money. And it could be a whole lot more.

Let's look at the actual numbers of what you could make...

Say oil moves up to $65. You could make $19,836.

At $75, which is where it was just four months ago, you stand to make $38,960.

At $95 oil, you could score $96,365. More than nine times your money.

And at this past June's price of $100, it adds up to more than $114,000. A ten-bagger and then some.

Oil Rises

But there's no law saying that oil has to go up. That's why I've set up the other side of this trade recommendation so you can win if oil goes LOWER, too.

If oil drops to $30 you could have $42,320. At $25 oil, you stand to make more than five times your money. If it keeps dropping to $20 – which is where oil traded for most of the '80s and '90s – you could end up with more than $80,000.

Oil Drops

That's why I call this the "Win Both Ways" oil trade. You can profit when oil moves in one direction. Then hold on and win again when the price moves the other way.

So is it possible to lose money on this trade? Of course.

There are no guarantees in life.

Any unforeseen event can derail even the most perfect analysis.

Or one side of the trade may not pan out, cutting into your net profits.

But, the only way you WON'T get a shot at this kind of money in the next 60 days is if oil barely moves at all.

And from what I've seen in oil during the past 38 years, I'm forecasting the price will move more than enough to make this trade pay off big.

And I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is. I'll tell you more about that pledge and what's in it for you in a minute.

But please know this:

Wall Street insiders call highly unusual situations like this an "asymmetric trade" where the payoff so far outweighs the cost that it can make overnight millionaires.

You can put down next to nothing. And your upside is unlimited.

Remember, all you need to make money in this trade is for the price of oil to make a meaningful move.

And it could move a LOT... in fact, a BIG jump could increase your gains to 57 times your money.

Just look at what some of the biggest names in the oil industry are projecting for the price of oil:

Billionaire oil man T. Boone Pickens is convinced that oil will rebound to $100 per barrel.

Pickens has been in the oil industry for 50 years and has seen five boom-bust cycles in oil prices. If he's right about $100 oil, you stand to make up to $114,470.

And that could be just the start.

Claudio Descalzi, CEO of the $65-billion European energy giant ENI, says oil could jump to $150 per barrel if producers don't make the right investments to keep up with rising world demand. If Descalzi is right about $150 oil, you could be looking at more than $330,000.

But get this...

During a recent interview, the Secretary General of OPEC, Abdullah al-Badri, said we "will see more than $200" when it comes to future oil prices.

I've known al-Badri since 1998. He's a smart guy. He's run OPEC for almost 10 years.

If al-Badri's right about $200 oil, you'll stand to make 57 TIMES YOUR MONEY on just the first part of the trade. Put down $10,000 and you could collect $572,240. Start out with $20,000 and you could make over a million dollars in this one transaction.

Oil Trade

But what if these guys are wrong?

No problem. Because if oil prices take a hit, you could STILL make money in this trade.

Edward Morse, Citigroup's Global Head of Commodity Research, predicts that we could soon see oil at $20. And he says it could stay in that range "for a while."

If Morse is right about $20 oil, you could make more than EIGHT times your money.

But that's nothing compared to what you'll make if oil REALLY crashes.

Economist Gary Shilling was in charge of forecasting for Exxon before he turned 30. He was voted the #1 economist on Wall Street. TWICE. And he's also been named the country's #1 commodity trader.

Shilling says today's massive supply glut will drive prices down to $10 per barrel.

If Shilling is right, you could be looking at not eight times your money, but ALMOST 15 TIMES your money. $147,320.

Investing in Oil

This Is Exactly What You Want to See

Look, it's pretty obvious that oil forecasts are all over the place.

I've been tracking oil prices for 38 years and I've never seen such a huge gap between the bulls and the bears. And that's EXACTLY what you want to see when you enter this trade.

Because it doesn't matter who's right about oil. The bottom line is that you make money when the price moves. The more it moves, the more you make. The DIRECTION doesn't matter.

Last year was a perfect example. Oil prices went up, down, and up again... and both sides of this trade never stopped working.

In fact, you could have turned $10,000 into nearly half a million dollars in about 14 months.

Let me show you how...

In the first four months of 2014, oil rose 14.1%. And just one side of the trade I'm talking about turned that modest move into a 212% gain.

Trade Oil

Your starting stake of $10,000 would have tripled into $31,200.

At that point, you could put your original $10,000 back in your pocket and enter a second trade risk-free with $22,200 in "house money."

In the second half of the year, oil reversed course and plunged 48.8%. But your second trade would have worked perfectly, setting you up to score a 467% gain. Your $22,200 would now be worth $120,204.

Invest in oil

In early 2015, oil rebounded 21.5%. Enough to tack on another 309%.

how to invest in oil

That would have given you $491,634. And you'd still have your original money in your pocket.

Anyone could use an extra $500K. Especially when all you have to do is make a few mouse clicks.

Now it's doubtful that many people knew enough to follow this string of plays and make all those exact moves last year. It takes great timing and these are exceptional results, no doubt.

But these real cases come straight from the market, so they show what can happen going forward.

If anything, this trade has even more potential TODAY than it did last year.

Best Time to Enter This Trade in 7 Years

The fact is, this trade hasn't been set up this well in seven years.

Just look at this chart. It shows you the "mood" of the oil market.

investing in oil stocks

When the line drops, it means the market is calm and relaxed.

But when you get a Deepwater Horizon incident... when OPEC starts a price war against North American shale producers... when Saudi Arabia starts bombing Yemen... and ISIS starts seizing oil wells in Iraq and Syria... oil buyers start getting tense. And the line starts rising.

It took 11,484 calculations to get the data points to create that chart.

But all you really need to know is that every time this line spikes, it sends trades like these soaring.

And when it shoots up VIOLENTLY... as it just has... it means oil prices are going to move up and down extra fast. Which is exactly when this technique works best.

The last time this line spiked this high was in 2008. At that point, this trade would've produced the biggest returns I've ever seen. The FASTEST, too.

investing oil

If you made the trade I'm talking about on September 19, 2008, you could have doubled your money in one trading day – and that was just one part of the position.

This trade wasn't in the news. You didn't hear about it on CNBC.

Yet it turned $5,000 into $10,750 in less than 24 hours of trading.

Now a double in one day doesn't happen every day.

Sometimes staying with this trade a little longer opens the door to more money. A LOT more.

On July 14th, you could have entered one part of this trade for just $90. On December 31st you could have cashed out with $2,705. You would have turned $10,000 into $300,556.

Now let's flash forward to today. We're now at this red circle. It's by far the biggest spike since 2008 – a great time to get in this trade.

investing in oil futures

Back then, all it took was $90 to make $2,705. Now you have a chance to do the same thing again – using the trade I'm recommending today. And just like in 2008, you can get in for next to nothing.

It's been seven years since we've had this opportunity.

I don't know when we'll see it again... and I'm not going to wait.

I've just put together a detailed Oil Trade Playbook that explains exactly how to make this trade. It walks you through each step of the transaction.

I'll tell you how to get the Playbook in a minute.

But first, I want to get back to the special bonus benefit this trade gives you that no typical trade does: You can win twice on the same trade.

You Can Profit Twice on One Trade

That's right. Not only can this trade make you money whichever way oil moves… but you can actually profit TWICE.

My recommendations have done it before.

The last time it happened, my readers posted an 81% gain on a Friday and a second 92% gain the following Tuesday. A double win in less than a week.

If you get a double-payout THIS time, you could make $96,000 if oil rises quickly AND $58,000 if it falls right back down even further. You'd win twice and pocket a total of $154,000.

Let me show you exactly how a double payout happened in 2008.

investing in oil companies

Over the first half of that year, oil rose 45.9%. By June 30th this trade turned that move into a 476% gain. $1,000 became $5,670.

Then when oil reversed course in June, the second part of this trade did even better, making a 1,070% gain. That turned $1,000 into $11,700 by the end of the year.

Add it up and you could have made $17,460. All from a $2,000 investment.

You'd think that setting yourself up for a shot at nine times your money in ANY sort of trade would be complicated. But with my step-by-step instructions, the one I'm recommending today makes it easy.

If you trade online, it just takes one more mouse click than usual.

You'll be done in three minutes, start to finish. It's easier than getting cash out of an ATM.

If you use a broker, it's just as simple. I'll tell you exactly what to say, verbatim. It's all of 18 words. I'll even tell you how to phrase your order so you get a break on the commission.

Professional traders – the guys who make money day in and day out from the comfort of their desk chairs – they're making these trades right now.

In fact, $67 million was riding on trades like this yesterday.

Once I tell you how to enter and exit this trade… you could make the same gains professionals do.

You just need to learn how. And as soon as you get my instructions you could be up to speed in 10 minutes.

38 Years on the Inside

Let me tell you where I'm coming from on all this…

I've worked in the energy field my entire career. That makes 38 years and counting.

I advise 27 governments on their energy policies... including Russia, China, Iraq, and Australia.

On top of that, I consult for OPEC, the European Union, and the International Energy Association – mostly on oil supply forecasts.

I've advised every major agency of the U.S. government on energy matters... plus most of the major energy companies on the planet.

In fact, I am on retainer with six of the world's 10 largest oil producers right now. I'm helping them restructure their businesses.

I'm not telling you all this background stuff just to hear myself talk.

I'm doing it so that you give the trade I'm recommending serious consideration.

Dr. Kent Moors on CNBC Dr. Kent Moors

I've been on TV and radio more than 2,000 times, breaking down energy policy on CNN, BBC, ABC, and Fox. But I've never explained this trade publicly before.

I just came back from London more convinced than ever that it's time to make this oil trade.

I flew over for a private meeting at Windsor Castle that brought together the major energy players from six continents.

Windsor Castleshould i invest in oil

I had three days of intense discussions with 15 ambassadors, high-commissioners, OPEC ministers, and multinational energy CEOs. These are the policy makers and private sector leaders who will decide what the energy market will look like over the next 12 months.

I flew over for a private meeting at Windsor Castle that brought together the major energy players from six continents.

Dr. Kent Moors in DiscussionsDr. Kent Moors Oil

As the conference closed, I was struck by something I hadn't seen in any of the six previous Windsor events I'd attended. There was NO consensus on where oil prices are headed.

Half the group was convinced that oil is way oversold and that the price will rebound sharply. And just as many were predicting the opposite.

Even the diplomats from big OPEC countries in the Middle East were divided.

Again, this is the perfect setup for a trade that makes you money directly from uncertainty in the oil market.

That's why I'm about to send it out to the members of my premium investment research advisory, Energy Inner Circle.

I launched this service in 2010 with one goal: to show members how to profit from opportunities in the energy market before mainstream investors even know they exist.

The key is to get in EARLY, on the ground floor... and be taking profits while outsiders are just getting on the bandwagon.

Like every other investor, I don't have a crystal ball. But I do have direct access to the major players in the energy world. I know the big buyers and sellers... and I know the policymakers who make the rules.

And they know me. In fact, a multibillion-dollar global energy deal was once closed in the living room of my vacation home in the Bahamas.

After 38 years inside this industry, if there's anyone with more connections in the corporate suites and government bureaus of the energy world, I haven't met him yet.

When I want to know who the winners will be from a new oil discovery, for example, I pick up the phone and call the executives actually making the decisions.

That's why I call my investment research service Energy Inner Circle.

Wherever I go, my readers are right there with me as I talk to the ministers green-lighting major energy projects and the CEOs pushing them through.

Like when I went to Ecuador to oversee a $13 billion, 300,000 barrel-a-day oil refinery with Ecuador's Minister of Energy, an old friend who used to be president of OPEC.

And when I travelled to Argentina to explore a $40 billion project that will give a Chinese energy firm I advise direct access to 393 million barrels of oil reserves. The company selling all this oil could make fantastic profits for Energy Inner Circle members. I'm thinking the floor here is a 300% gain – the ceiling is unlimited.

My work takes me to every part of the world. And to every sector of the energy complex. You'll find ways to profit from them all in Energy Inner Circle.

In solar I'm looking at a fascinating project in Saudi Arabia right now. The Saudis want to turn Mecca, with its two million people, into the first major city to run completely on sun power.

The Lights of Meccahow to invest

The Saudis have budgeted $109 billion to start. That's billion, not million. That's more money than the budgets of 153 countries. For this one single project.

They're playing kingmaker with a Chinese solar panel maker whose groundbreaking technology can get the Saudi plan off the ground. It's the only profitable panel maker out of the 11 publicly traded companies in this niche.

I'm projecting that the Chinese solar company will jump 444% when the money from this deal starts flowing.

In refining I've found a way to profit from a revolutionary process that actually changes the molecular state of oil to expand its volume by 35%.

It's just like creating free oil. And one company is so far ahead of everyone else in applying this technology that I call it the "Free Oil Stock."

I've guided plenty of readers to windfalls from refiners before, so nothing new there. We locked in cumulative gains of 455% in Golar... 394% in Headwaters... 351% in Western Refining... 325% in Valero... and 214% in Delex.

But this is unprecedented. Imagine instantly increasing your oil output by 35% simply by switching to this refiner. It's like taking a bushel of wheat to the mill and walking away with 1.35 bushels of flour.

The kicker is that the company with a stranglehold on this free-oil technology is as little as 1/20th the size of Exxon, Shell, or BP.

Plus the stock trades at a ridiculously low 0.2 times sales. The sector median is 2.4. This is an incredible discount.

We could be in for a wild ride as this technology rolls out. I think 1.5 times sales is a reasonable multiple for a company like this. That would push the stock up 650% higher than it is today.

In nuclear power, I'm looking at a small uranium miner whose profits have a legitimate chance to soar 300 to one.

It reminds me of another uranium miner that took off on a rocket ride 10 years ago.

In September 2003, Paladin Energy traded for just 1¢ per share. Conditions were horrible for the uranium industry.

Uranium fetched $11 per pound, but it cost more than that to produce. Paladin was losing money on every pound it sold. Nobody wanted to own the stock.

But then a huge bull market in uranium kicked off. By 2005, uranium had climbed to $20 a pound... and Paladin Energy hit 47¢ – up 4,600% from its 2003 price.

By the end of the year, uranium was selling for $35. Investors went wild for uranium plays.

When uranium peaked in 2007, Paladin topped out at $10.40 per share… a freakish 100,000%-plus gain. The little uranium play that nobody liked turned $1,000 into $1 million in just four years.

oil prices

Now Paladin is obviously an exceptional case. But if any stock can give Paladin a run for its money, it's this ultra-leveraged uranium play I'm recommending you get in on today.

It uses a special technique that pulls uranium out of the ground at just over half the cost of traditional mining.

This little company went public at the peak of the last uranium boom in 2007. It raised $625 million and spent it on equipment, permits, and mining rights… everything you need to run a profitable operation.

Then uranium prices dropped and the stock dropped to where it sits today – at a market cap of $214 million.

So from a pure asset standpoint, this is a $625 million company that is on sale for two-thirds off. Based on that alone, the stock could nearly triple right off the bat.

And that's BEFORE you factor in the next bull run in uranium prices.

Even at today's slumping price of $40 a pound, it's netting $9 above its cost and hitting outrageously high margins.

When uranium hits $65 again, it could earn $34 a pound. And this company has the potential to produce five times as much as it does now.

At that point profits could explode to $170 million, a 300-fold increase… and send its stock to dizzying heights.

If you love a bargain, this is the uranium play for you. You can pick it up for $2.50 a share.

Grab a few thousand shares and you could be in for a long and profitable ride. I'll give you full details and your best buy-in price as soon as you join Energy Inner Circle.

Like all my trade recommendations, it's included with your membership.

And the winners are racking up fast.

Every 11 Weeks One of Our Picks Doubles

In the four and a half years since I launched this service, my readers could have doubled their money in a different trade every 11 weeks on average.

Think about that…

Most investors go years between doubling their money. In Energy Inner Circle it happens every 79 days.

Since our first trade in November 2010, members have locked in 21 triple-digit gainers. That includes some of our best quick scores of 244%, 352% – even 542% in just 19 days.

Let's look at what the portfolio has delivered this past year alone…

A 51.5% profit in Goodrich Petroleum (GDP) in just 14 trading days.

117.5% in Pacific Ethanol (PEIX) in 32 days.

68.8% in GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) in 42 days.

Energy Inner Circle members saw Clayton Williams Energy (CWEI) rise 55.3% in 10 weeks… and Walter Energy (WLT) gain 103.2% in four months.

They also saw gains of 71.0% in American Electric Power (AEP)…

…92.6% in Halliburton (HAL)…

…and 113.8% in Golar LNG (GLNG)…

But readers across my services had a chance at even bigger gains, including a 368.4% score in Cheniere Energy (LNG).

Cheniere is an interesting case because it gave my readers so many chances to profit throughout the year – 10 triple digit winners in all.

They closed out gains of 181.4%... 195.7%... 279.7%... all the way up to 368.4%. In this one stock.

But the oil trade recommendation I want to send you today has a higher projected payoff than any of these trades – and could come in faster, too.

You could make $96,000… and quite possibly $572,000… all from a transaction that takes just three minutes to register.

Professional traders are using this technique right now. There's no reason you can't too, once you know how.

Conditions for this trade won't stay this perfect for long. So don't make the mistake of missing out on the first wave of profits.

My top concern in ANY trade is to get in EARLY. Those 100% gainers wouldn't be coming in about every 11 weeks if I wasn't serious about that.

And since this might be a quick trade, you should think now about what to do with a sudden influx of cash.

If you invest $10K and end up with $96K, that's an extra $86K you didn't have before. If it all happens in 60 days, that comes to $1,433 per day.

You could get a new luxury car… take an anniversary cruise… or surprise your spouse with a stunning piece of jewelry. And still have plenty of money left over.

Like anything in life, absolutely nothing is guaranteed. No credible investor would ever make that claim.

But there is one thing I can guarantee: no trade on earth, no matter how phenomenal it is, will make you money until you move on it. And I'm ready to send you the details on this trade now. All I ask is that you give my Energy Inner Circle research a try, risk-free.

Try Energy Inner Circle and Get ALL My Research

During your 30-day trial period, you'll have access to my entire model portfolio… and you'll also get every new trade I release.

Of course, the first trade you'll receive is the "Win Both Ways" oil play that could make you $96,000 in the next 60 days. And that's on just one part of the play.

Like all the Urgent Trade Alerts I send to my Energy Inner Circle members, this one will go directly to your email inbox, complete with all the details you need to make your move.

These Urgent Trade Alerts and the research behind them are the crux of my service – where those 100% winners have been coming in every 11 weeks.

I send these opportunities out as soon as I discover them, usually about once per week.

With each new trade I'll email you simple step-by-step instructions, along with the best price to buy in.

I also include my thinking BEHIND the trade so you can see the "why" and not just the "what." When it's time to cash out you'll get a separate alert within minutes of my trading decision.

If you want to act fast wherever you are, I'll text your cell phone to let you know my newest recommendation is ready. This texting service is optional, but it's the best way to make sure you don't miss anything important.

For example, last February 28th I was on a flight to London when a fuel stock in our portfolio reported awesome earnings.

Within hours we were sitting on a gain of 118%. I didn't want to see those profits slip away before I got back to the office. So as soon as I hit the ground at Heathrow I issued a trade alert to take triple-digit profits. Anyone receiving my texts would have known a trade alert was waiting in their email… so they could move on it as soon as the market opened in New York.

You'll also start getting my Market Update every week – a brief rundown on emerging trends in energy that we can play for a quick score. So far, we've hit 86 double-digit gains this way – including profits of 79%, 87%, 93%, 99%, and dozens more.

Finally, you'll get total access to my website, where you'll find every trade, weekly update, and special report I've issued since I launched my service almost five years ago.

Whenever you want to check how our recommended trades are doing, simply log on and you'll see current prices in our Live Portfolio. That way you always know where we stand with every play.

The Best Deal You'll Ever Get...

So what's it worth to get direct access to my opportunities that mainstream investors will never get and never even know exist, outside of my Inner Circle?

The regular cost to become a member of my Energy Inner Circle is $4,000.

That's MORE than reasonable for a research service that shows its members how to double their money every 11 weeks on average…

That offers text alerts so you're not tied to your computer waiting for the next trade…

…and that gives you a weekly rundown on emerging energy trends you can play for quick scores…

…plus a website where you can see how our plays are doing in real time.

But the fact is, you won't pay anywhere near $4,000 today.

Today you can get a full year of my research, recommendations, and every other benefit for just $1,950. That's OVER 50% off the standard subscription fee, and a ridiculously low price considering how much money you could be making within weeks. The very first trade recommendation you'll get has the very real potential to hand you 49 times your fee within 60 days.

I'm giving you Energy Inner Circle for less than half price for a simple reason. I want to make SURE you have everything you need to make the kind of money you deserve in these troubling times. On perhaps the ONLY area of the markets that's NOT in a bubble.

And just to show you how serious I am about my mission, I'm adding my DOUBLE guarantee that makes joining Energy Inner Circle a no-risk, can't-lose deal.

GUARANTEE #1: My No-Questions-Asked 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Check out Energy Inner Circle for a month. Take your time getting to know what I do. Look at the portfolio and see every one of my recommendations. Make a few trades yourself if you want. If any time in the first 30 days you're not happy, simply let me know and I'll refund every penny. You'll pay nothing for your membership.

OK, that's your SATISFACTION guarantee. My next guarantee concerns PERFORMANCE.

GUARANTEE #2: My "Win Both Ways" Oil Trade Makes Money or I'll Work for Free

I'm so sure this trade will make money that I'm willing to GUARANTEE it. Here's what I'll do: Either this trade shows a profit in our track record over the next 12 months, or just give me a call and I'll extend your Energy Inner Circle membership for another year. On the house. You'll get $1,950 worth of my research and trade alerts at no charge. I can't remember the last time I had to work free for anyone. And that's good news for me AND them. Because it means they're making money.

By the way, this second guarantee is a separate stand-alone promise. So even if you double your money in every other recommendation I send you, I will STILL give you an extra year free if this oil trade doesn't work out.

I came up with this double-guarantee to make it a no-brainer to try Energy Inner Circle. And to give you a little extra incentive to check out my new oil trade recommendation as soon as you can.

Most people have no clue how this technique works. I doubt one investor in 1,000 has ever tried it.

My Oil Trade Playbook will explain it all in a snap. You'll get all the steps you need to execute the trade, of course, and you'll also get a few handy tips on how to upgrade your brokerage account so you can make this kind of trade whenever you want.

Again, it's not stocks, bonds, or anything long-term.

It's just a quick way to make money without buying a drop of oil.

But I urge you to act now. We just saw the biggest spike in this trade's leading indicator since 2008. So it's no surprise that trading volume just doubled overnight.

Keep in mind that oil just dropped 58% in nine months. The last time that happened, traders who knew what to do turned $10,000 into $300,556.

The time to make your move is NOW.

The minute I hear from you, I'll send you the exact steps you need to put yourself into this trade.

If you trade online, all it takes is one extra click of the mouse. If you use a broker, I'll send you the 18 words that let you profit no matter which way oil moves. Phrase your request this way and you'll even get a discount on your commission.

You could start with $10,000 and walk away with $96,635. Or even as much $572,240 if oil rises to $200, as the Secretary General of OPEC predicts. I've known al-Badri for 17 years. He's a smart guy. And I would not dismiss his prediction.

Like with any trade, there's always risk involved. People can and do lose money trading. But let me say this:

I've never found a better risk-reward tradeoff in oil in the past seven years.

It's the very definition of an asymmetric trade – where the payoff so far outweighs the cost that it can make overnight millionaires. In this case, the potential profit can be as high as 57 times your money.

There aren't many legitimate ways to make 57x your money this fast. When you find one, you take it.

And I'm going to HELP you take it by giving you one more pledge that Energy Inner Circle will make you money...

BONUS GUARANTEE #3: You Will Get Multiple 100% Winners

I will send you at least 4 (four) trades in the next 12 months that give you the chance to double your money. If our track record shows only three, just call customer service and we'll extend your membership for another year.

Since 2010, Energy Inner Circle has delivered an average of five of these 100% gainers per year, so the odds of making a few doubles are clearly in your favor.

I closed five triple-digit winners for Energy Inner Circle readers last year – 117.5%... 179.4%... 113.8%... 128.6%... and 103.2%. And there's a 265% gainer we're sitting on right now.

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April 2015

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