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About This Report

For investors looking to boost their yield, there's only one place to look...

They're called REITs, or Real Estate Investment Trusts. And they offer investors the chance to collect some of the highest dividend yields available anywhere on the planet.

Of course, not all REITs are created equal. Some should be avoided like poison.

But new research has uncovered a unique high-octane REIT every serious investor needs to know about. It pays a whopping 16% yield. And current economic conditions have made this a once-in-a-lifetime stock that can bring in steady and sizeable income - at a time when very few opportunities exist.

Get the full details in this exclusive investment report from the income experts at Money Morning.

Inside You'll Learn

  • Full details on REIT investing... including how to maximize profits safely... 

  • Top indicators for spotting the best and safest REITS on the market today...

  • How to minimize risk - and not fall for REITS that offer high yields, but little else.

  • The best, safest and highest yielding REIT in existence today

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