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As Our Gains Near 800%, We're Making the Case for This Stock – Again

When we first brought graphics chip giant Nvidia Corp. (Nasdaq: NVDA) to your attention back in June 2013, we told you this company was more than just a gaming stock.

It's a driverless-vehicle stock. It's an artificial intelligence stock. It's a virtual reality stock.

It's a company everybody suddenly wants to partner with.

It's in all the "right" businesses, which is why there are multiple "triggers" at work here.

And so far, Nvidia has been a home run for investors.

When we first brought this stock to you, we predicted it would double your money in 3.25 years.

It didn't take anywhere near that long.

  1. Tim Savio | May 16, 2017

    So is it still a good stock to get into or would it be wise to let it back off a bit before taking a position?

  2. Chuck King | May 16, 2017

    The so called "experts" were predicting less than a month ago that NVIDIA was over hyped and would decline to the mid eighties within a short time. This was a consensus opinion, not a singular comment. The stock was at about ninety at the time. I have come to distrust all the so called "experts" as it is obvious they present false data so that the average investor will act, and act wrongly, so they can reap the profits they know are really coming. NVIDIA is now in the mid one hundred thirties. It is obvious the fix was in.

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