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As the South China Sea Tribunal Ruling Looms, We Keep Watching the "Bigger Picture"

A week from today, a panel of five maritime law experts are supposed to release their final decision in a case involving the South China Sea spat.

We've been talking a lot here about the South China Sea - a whole lot, in fact, and with good reason.

The South China Sea is perhaps the biggest "hot spot" on the planet. And, in many ways, it's also the most troublesome, because the dispute over this vast region could end up with the world's biggest superpowers (the United States and China) squaring off in a military action.

  1. DAN IEZZI | July 6, 2016

    There are other potential risks too. One of them is a pre-globalization term known as expropriation risk.

  2. Frank collins | July 6, 2016

    Please stay on top of this communist China trying to take over the China sea they think they can bully the smaller countries .the us navy will flatten that country.

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