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Bear Markets, Corrections and "Flash Crashes" Be Damned – This Stock Is Going Higher

Back in June, as the annual Paris Air Show got off the ground, we circled back to reiterate our case for one of our favorite long-term investments: The Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA).

Shares of the commercial jetliner firm have soared more than 132% since we first recommended them in September 2011, and 92% since we urged folks to buy the stock during the January 2013 & Dreamliner battery" media frenzy.

With gains that big on a blue-chip stock, the obvious concern is that the biggest gains are behind us.

  1. Frank Lawrance | August 23, 2016

    It appears there have been a great many recommendations since August, 2011. Since there are no sell recommendations given, how are we to determine the level of success on all these recommendations? Somewhere, there has to be a list of ones that were shorter term in nature, either because of takeover or whatever. Also, is there a better way to toggle back and forth between recommendations made in a particular month and the list during that month? Thanks in advance

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