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China Picked the Pentagon's Pocket – Here's What You Need to Do

Military strategist Sun Tzu said that "Every battle is won or lost before it is ever fought."

Although Sun worked his strategic magic 2,500 years ago, the latest revelations show us that his native country finds that his insights are as useful today as they were during his lifetime.

Indeed, news stories that broke this week confirm what we've been telling you for months: China's military - and the Beijing-based government that commands it - is waging a full-blown cyber-warfare campaign against America.

And it looks like China is winning.

The political and military backlashes aside, the revelations of China's alleged cyber-thievery are certain to have one effect - to turbocharge the already-accelerating growth of the cybersecurity sector. Today we'll review for you three of the best sector plays we've found.

But let's first brief you on the latest developments in this digital pick-pocketing of the Pentagon case.

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  1. mosso09914 | October 22, 2015

    Every time I read one of these articles on spying on us or the Gov it really makes me FUME! If we are so D..n smart why have we let this happen over the years ???? Why not just send china the plans and save everyone the trouble?
    Just yesterday the head of Homeland Sec was hacked. Maybe he should be fired, they are supposed to be protecting US!!! This is sickening.

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