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Don't Miss Out as This "Magic Biopsy" Technology Makes its Grab for Headliner Status

A decade or two ago, if someone told you there'd be a way to look at a patient's urine sample and determine whether cancer was or wasn't present inside their body, chances are pretty good you'd say it was either malarkey - or magic.

But a "Liquid Biopsy" is just what it sounds like - a cancer-screening test in which a liquid (either blood or urine) gives oncologists the same information they now get with a more invasive surgical biopsy. Some such Liquid Biopsy tests have demonstrated the ability to detect new onsets of certain cancers - as well as recurrences.

Indeed, according to some of the research I've seen, there are even cases where the Liquid Biopsy test is more sensitive than the tests run on biopsied tissue. In cases like that, we're talking about faster - even earlier - detection, which would give oncologists the ability to more quickly design a treatment plan for their patients.

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