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Here's Our Newest Recommendation – and We Think You'll Agree It's a "Killer" Stock

Former mutual fund manager and best-selling author Peter Lynch used to tell folks to "invest in what you know."

It's great advice.

Indeed, it's advice that we're going to follow today - with our newest recommendation.

And this recommendation... is a real "killer."

  1. THOMAS B. | January 28, 2016

    I like the idea re: AMC but wouldn't a better play be Loinsgate LGF? both in the takeout category as well as appreciation at current levels.
    Keep up all the good work and I truly enjoy your writing style.
    Ps: I've been in the Military Aerospace Business for over 35 years and also enjoy reading your analysis of the defense industry…it is normally spot on
    Warmest regards
    Thomas Baydala
    Bay Engineering.

    • (Admin) Bill Patalon | February 24, 2016

      Dear Thomas:

      Apologies for my delay in responding to you. I saw your note immediately and actually printed it out and put it in my "important" folder here on my desk (I do that with the "red hot" action items so that I see them each day) … because I actually wanted to pen a personal note … and one that wasn't just "jotted off."

      It's been so hectic of late, that this was the first chance I've had to do so….

      Letters like this really mean a lot. With Private Briefing, I've been blessed with a subscriber base of people like you … folks who are clearly very smart, who have areas of specialization that qualify them as true "experts" (and I use that term in a sincerely respectful connotation), and who are superb, top-tier "critical thinkers."

      That makes this job a challenge … in a good way, for I want to deliver insights and opportunities that folks like you see as being valuable.

      And when I get a note back like yours' – that says I'm making it worth your time to pay attention – it's very heartening.

      I hope to hear from you again …

      On that other topic, I'm taking a look at it …

      Take care of yourself.

      Respectfully yours,

      Bill Patalon III

  2. Bruce Theobald | February 13, 2016

    Is this an even better chance at 61.56 close on Friday 2/12/16

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