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How the "Heidi Game" Can Help Us Avoid Fatal Investing Mistakes

It's known as the "Heidi Game," and it's become a legendary component of National Football League (NFL) lore.

It also serves as a valuable lesson ... in business, in investing - and in life. And I'll show you what I mean.

But, first, here's the story.

It was Nov. 17, 1968, and the New York Jets were playing their hated rival - the Oakland Raiders. NBC was broadcasting the game - and was happy to be doing so. Both teams were stacked with good football players with colorful personalities and recent contests between the two clubs had been marked by trash-talking, big hits and on-field scuffles.

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  1. 000059318524 | August 2, 2013

    I'm doing quite well with you're recomondations ,exept for the vxx.I got in at 19 and 18. Now it's 40% of my invetsments. I can afford to carry it as long as .it comes back.By the way I watched that game. Thanks.Enjoy your stories. FND.

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