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How You Can Profit From the World's New "Secret" Bank Haven

I have a confession to make.

I love adventure/espionage novels.

You know what I'm talking about ... the "Jake Grafton" novels of Stephen Coonts, the longstanding "Dirk Pitt" and awesome new "Isaac Bell" series by Clive Cussler - even the old classics by the late Robert Ludlum ... who is the dean of this genre.

These novels are a terrific way to decompress after a long day here. And the audio versions keep me company on the long commute that I have to and from the office - or when I go to visit companies that I'm studying.

And I can't begin to count how many of these novels (like "The Bourne Identity") include "a secret bank account in Switzerland" as a key plot element.

But Martin Hutchinson, our in-house banking expert, tells me that Switzerland is losing its luster as the world's foremost offshore banking haven.

Another country is emerging as the new haven of choice.

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