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I Can't Believe How Cheap This Is – and It'll Never Be This Cheap Again

Let me share a couple of news items that offer up two very different views of the burgeoning drones business.

In the first item, France's Parrot SA (EPA: PARRO), the second-largest maker of civilian unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), said it's slashing a third of its staff because profit margins on the cheap consumer drone category it pioneered were "insufficient to deliver profitable growth."

In the second, China's SZ DJI Technology Co., the global goliath in the market for consumer and commercial drones, reportedly bought out Hasselblad Group, the Swedish maker of high-end professional cameras. DJI had purchased a small piece of Hasselblad in 2015 - and has now snapped up most of the rest it didn't already own.

Here's the problem with these two stories.

Everyone - and by "everyone," I mean all the supposed "experts" out there - is focusing on stories of the first ilk... the stories that "illustrate" the supposed cooling of the white-hot market for drones.

But they should be focusing on stories of the second type - the deals, inventions and advancements that speak to the powerful long-term potential of the worldwide drones market.

In today's Private Briefing, I'm going to detail - and decipher - what appears to be a "contradictory" picture of the UAV market.

I'll tell you what's really going on.

And then we'll start looking at how you can cash in.

Because the drones market represents a true "ground-floor" wealth opportunity...

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