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In the Battle Against Parasite Diseases, These Big Pharma Firms Lead the Charge

I was 12 years old when Westinghouse Electric Co. transferred my Dad from Pittsburgh to Baltimore.

We made the move in the winter of 1974 - just ahead of a blizzard so bad that the moving truck with our stuff couldn't show up for nearly a week.

I had to make all the usual adjustments that a kid has to deal with in a situation like this - new school, new friends, new "customs" (quite a few, thanks to our move south of the Mason-Dixon Line).

And when the much warmer weather months came, there was still another adjustment to make.

Every time my two sisters and I went outside, or went back in the woods, or went down to the creek behind our house (it drew us like a magnet), we had to check ourselves for ticks.

I'd never even heard of ticks before that move. But because of the mild Maryland winters - and long summers - this parasite thrived in the Baltimore region, where it hadn't as much in Pittsburgh.

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