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"It's So Stupid That It's Positively Brilliant"

One of my favorite movies is the star-studded war movie "The Great Escape," which is a fictionalization of a true German POW camp breakout attempt during World War II. As the prisoners toil away digging three Mondo escape tunnels (named, appropriately, Tom, Dick and Harry), the POW "escape committee" realizes that if all the little one- and two-man escape attempts are halted, the Germans might get wise to the fact that a bigger attempt is in the offing.

So two of the prison camp's POWs - Capt. Hilts (the "Cooler King," played by Steve McQueen) and Ives ("the Mole," played by Angus Lennie) - decided to dig a "mole tunnel." To do this, they burrow down about six feet, pushing the dirt behind them as they tunnel, and use a folding metal rod to poke air holes in the earth overhead so they can breathe. Full Story

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