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Jack Dorsey's "Other" Company Just Had the Rebound of the Year – and the Gains Won't Stop There

Since Jack Dorsey opened up Square Inc. (NYSE: SQ) back in 2009, this financial-tech leader has lurked in the background.

No, I don't mean that its technology is unknown - or even underrated. If you frequent flea markets like I do - on the hunt for car parts for my "hot rod" or model kits to assemble with my son, Joey - then you know Square's hardware.

I'm talking about those square (of course), white mobile payment gadgets that can be connected to a tablet or smartphone. Then vendors at flea markets, antique shows and the like can employ these Squares so that customers can use their credit card in places where they once had to carry cash or their checkbook.

(You're also seeing them more and more at traditional retailers. In fact, a few of my colleagues here frequent a coffeehouse that uses a Square instead of a cash register to accept payments.)

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