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Nestlé Health Just Invested in Our Favorite Peanut Allergy Stock – and You Should, Too

As a father of a 9-year-old, the "Face Your Risk" food-allergy commercial is one of those TV spots that leaves me gasping for breath.

I'm sure you know the commercial I'm talking about.

It's a vignette that's told through the eyes of a teenaged girl - who's at a party with her friends. Suddenly, we see that she's swaying, and that her held-out arms are blotchy. Her friends gather around - and are horrified when they suddenly realize that the brownie treats were made using peanut butter, one of the biggest allergens around.

We finally get to see the girl's face when she looks at herself in a mirror. We hear her friends shouting about calling 911, just as the protagonist wobbles - and our "view" fades to nothingness as the girl either passes out or perishes.

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