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No Matter What Happens Next to U.S. Stocks, This "Shopping List" Will Get You Ready

During an hour-long telephone chat earlier this week, my good friend and colleague D.R. Barton, Jr. referred to the "Trump Rally" as the "most unpopular bull market in recent memory."

D.R., you see, isn't just a superb trader: He's also one of the most observant and most eloquent people in the investment newsletter business.

And his "unpopular bull market" comment from earlier this week serves as a great case in point.

D.R.and I both understand the investor reticence. Stocks keep surging - even though the potential threats to the market rally seem to increase in kind.

If or when those potential threats turn into "market torpedoes" that sink U.S.stocks is anybody's guess. That's why it pays to be mindful of those risks.

In our report on Monday, we detailed some of the looming potential threats you need to keep an eye on.

We promised we'd follow those "warnings" with a report detailing strategies and opportunities.

Today we're keeping that promise.

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