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Our "I-Code" Profit Indicator Points Right At These Two Stocks

When I earned my MBA from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) back in the mid-1990s, my focus was finance and investing.

But it was a management professor who clued me into some of the best ways to "look past the numbers" and understand what really makes a big company tick...

  1. brad | December 29, 2014

    Why are you still touting the I code indicator when Allibaba has been public for months now. This is old news. How do we profit with that

    • (Admin) Bill Patalon | January 22, 2015


      We appreciate your taking the time to comment. But I have to ask you a tough question here: Did you actually read this analysis? It doesn't even mention Alibaba. In fact, it's about two other companies — AbbVie and Abbott Labs, two big-but-growing innovators that we still happen to like a great deal.

      Alibaba, too, is a company we still like long-term. Check out my report "Why Alibaba is the Next Wal-Mart," and you'll see my reasoning., the global financial news group, actually picked our story and made it their "Call of the Day" back in the fall.

      We never have an issue with constructive criticism. And we value our readers — especially folks like you who are willing to interact and share their thoughts.

      If we somehow misunderstood your comments on this story, drop me a note via customer service and I'll be glad to get back to you.

      Respectfully yours;

      William Patalon III
      Executive Editor/Editorial Director
      Money Map Press

  2. Patricia Vasquez | February 5, 2015

    Thanks, Bill for sharing the 4 defense stocks WITHOUT having us watch an hour long and then ask for a subscription.

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