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Remarkable Investors and Remarkable Investment Opportunities

Sue A. from Centennial, Colo., isn't your typical retail investor.

And she's proud to say so.

"I was once a systems programmer for a large corporation," she wrote in a recent note to me.

No more, however.

Indeed, Sue now refers to herself as a "stay-at-home mom investor."

"Now that they are teenagers, our kids are still keeping us busy, and for the last four  years, I have educated myself about the world of investing, using publications like Private Briefing" to do so.

The upshot: "This allows me to keep sanity on the home front, as well as protect our financial well-being, not to mention [staying on top of] the craziness that is our national financial picture. I've used several of your recommendations, most notably Galapagos NV (OTC ADR: GLPYY), Sandstorm Gold Ltd. (CVE: SSL) and Molycorp Inc. (NYSE: MCP), with much success," Sue wrote.

Galapagos was our first "triple," generating a peak gain of 225%. Sandstorm peaked at 142%. And Molycorp was up as much as 50% after we recommended it.

I relate Sue's comments because she is one of six winners of our latest book-and-video drawing, which we detailed in the March 4 Private Briefing. The drawing celebrates our 18-month anniversary. We asked folks to share a story or two about how Private Briefing has affected their lives.

We chose the winners at random. I wanted to share the winners' stories today.

Sue's tale just happened to be one of my favorites. Her exuberance (rational … the good kind) was apparent in her e-mail note to us.

So it's not a big surprise to me that her friends also find her newfound confidence (and enthusiasm) to be contagious, too.

"When I get together with other moms, they are wide-eyed at what I'm doing," Sue said. "I've inspired several of them to broaden their horizons and to not leave their financial fate to somebody [that they might be] checking in with once or twice a year. It's never too late to learn, and Private Briefing provides me with insights I would never get otherwise. Thanks for the brain power!"

Thank you, Sue. Well done.

Subscriber Tom K. says he normally doesn't respond to this kind of request, but is making an exception for us. Make no mistake … we're grateful for that.

In Private Briefing, "you have a smartly written and well-thought-out product," Tom said. "One stock I made a very nice profit with was Delcath. I bought some calls and they paid me well. Not much to say when you make money, right?"

Mike F., who says he made more than 100% on Molycorp in just a few weeks, tells us it's been "great reading your insights, stories and opinions this past year. Very quickly though I began to trust your take on what differentadvisors were recommending and writing about.That was and is something I continue to value greatly. Private Briefing keeps me abreast of many strategies and severalstocks at any given time."

When he wrote to us two weeks ago, subscriber Jay T. of Marietta, Ga., says he was up 41.5% on biotech recommendation Celldex Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq: CLDX), a stock we recommended in our "Biotech Buyout Binge" special report – an example of the extra research that we provide as part of your membership. Shares of the innovative oncology player have soared as much as 141% since it was featured in that report – and it's still up nearly 132%.

The big gain was nice, "but I [also] really like your research and narratives," Jay said. "You try to be very realistic and always point out the areas of risk as well as your recommendations. I read you daily. Please keep up the good work!"

When Canada's Trajan S. gets up each morning, the first thing he does is to read Private Briefing. And here's why.

"Your advice and insights are very muchappreciatedand I don't think any other newsletter can even come close to you," Trajan told me. "About two months after I subscribed to Private Briefing, I unsubscribed to another newsletter."

Trajan also doubled his money on Pharmacyclics Inc. (Nasdaq: PCYC), which has so far posted a peak gain of 237% since we recommended it. And he has also acted on several of our other tech and biotech recommendations.

Longtime subscribers Linda and LeMoyne W. feel like winners – whether their names were drawn or not.

"Being able to partner with you and your Fabulous Team [makes us] winners," they wrote.

North Carolina subscriber Jay W. says he's a new investor, but has acted on several of our recommendations – and was also one of many subscribers who doubled their money on our recommendation of Pharmacyclics.

He says he's a bit upset for having used the "free-trade" strategy we advocate with stocks that double (a risk-management strategy that has folks sell half and then let the rest ride). In our view Jay, that's not a reason to rebuke yourself; we believe that demonstrates that you have the discipline to be a successful investor over the long haul – and we commend you for it.

Jay likes the fact that we offer subscribers insights and recommendations from our panel of heavy-hitting experts.

And let me tell you all … when it comes to "heavy hitters," Jay understands the concept … you see, he's a heavy-hitter in his own sector … network security. In that field, other experts seek Jay's counsel.

Just goes to show you: From stay-at-home-mom investors to industry heavyweights … our subscriber base is diverse, smart … and if you don't mind me saying so, a pleasure to serve.

It also underscores one other point that we make here at Private Briefing: Anyone can be an investment expert … as long as they're willing to put in the time and work … and ignore the phony messages put out by Wall Street.

We'll get your books in the mail to you in short order.

Paramount Summit: In our March 12 report "This Stock Trades at $2 But is Worth $9," We told you that Real Asset Returns Editor Peter Krauth rated Paramount Gold & Silver Corp. (Nasdaq: PZG) shares as a "Strong Buy." We also told you Peter would be meeting with Paramount CEO Chris Crupi. Peter and I talked about the get-together on Monday. I'll be sharing the details of that discussion later this week.

Delcath Update: Several folks have asked for another update on Delcath Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: DCTH), the focus of the recently updated Sept. 13, 2012 research report "Buying With the Smart Money." We still see a good upside in the stock with a Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approval of its liver-cancer treatment system. With its recent quarterly report, the company turned in its third consecutive quarter with smaller-than-expected losses. But that triumph was tempered by the disclosure that Delcath would again be raising money. We still believe there's a nice upside opportunity with an FDA approval. And with cash-rich biotechs on the prowl for "bolt-on" acquisitions (detailed in the Jan. 9 report "How to Profit From This $70 Billion Buyout Binge") – coupled with the off-label potential for Delcath's system – an approval could easily lead to a sale of the company.

See you tomorrow.

[Editor's Note: Unless otherwise specified, we recommend investors employ a 25% "trailing stop" on all holdings.]

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