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Tales From the Hedge Side: We Drop In on Shah Gilani

If you've been a Private Briefing subscriber for the last couple of years, you know we've had some big successes with strategies and stocks given to us by Capital Wave Forecast Editor Shah Gilani.

Take Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) and Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) - which Shah shared as exclusive "Buy" calls in July 2013.

The way Shah saw it, he was giving us a "one-two play" of high-yielding, cash-rich turnaround candidates.

He basically "called" the market bottom in Apple - which went from a split-adjusted price of $60.10 to an all-time high near $133, for a peak gain of 121%. When you add in the $6.31 a share in dividends you've collected, that peak gain goes to 132%.

Even now, slightly down from its peak, our total return on Apple is well over 100%.

Shah recommended Microsoft to me a week before the company announced a sweeping restructuring - followed not too long after by the retirement of longtime CEO Steve Ballmer. Successor Satya Nadella has supercharged Microsoft, whose shares have zoomed from $34.70 all the way to $63. Add in the $4.42 a share in dividends, and the total return ($67.42) surges to 94% - pretty doggone good for a "washed-up" company, as many investors viewed "Mr. Softy" when Shah shared his "Buy" call.

Better still: Each time Microsoft has sold off, we've re-recommended the stock - and then watched as it soared.

That's a great record - all by itself.

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