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Thanks to Roman Aqueducts and Potholes in Baltimore, We Just Found the Next Path to Windfall Profits

"Lihil sub sole novm."
("There is nothing new under the sun.")
Ecclesiastes (1:9)

I'm a sucker for those "impulse buy" periodicals you always see when you standing in the checkout line at Walmart, Target or Wegmans.

No, I'm not talking about the credibility-bending News of the World ("WWII German U-Boat Surfaces in New York Harbor - Crew Believes They're Still at War") or any of those celebrity-chasing rags ("(Insert Name Here) Enjoys Hot Night in Hot Tub While Spouse Is on Movie Location").

I'm referring to those often-cool "special issues" that National Geographic, Time and Scientific Americanseem to be doing with increasing frequency.

Just last week, in fact, I couldn't resist buying a National Geographic special called "Wonders of the Ancient World."

And I'm glad I did.

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