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The "Food Network" Will Never Share This Food Story

I've been thinking about food a lot recently.

I met my wife Robin in Rochester back in 1992. She's always been an animal lover - as am I - but her feelings on this are so strong that some time shortly after this she became a vegetarian.

In 2011, she took that philosophy a step further, and become a full-fledged "vegan." That means that, in addition to meat of all types, she also excludes all dairy-based products from her diet. It's a lifestyle choice: Robin also avoids any animal-based products - and that includes food, clothing and personal products.

I respect her stance - even more so because she regards it as a personal choice and is respectful of the choices of others. She doesn't push it on me, or on our son Joey (though she does try to make us eat better - which is Job One of any American wife and mother).

I'm telling you this story for a reason.

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