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The Four Investing Lessons From "Winter Storm Jonas"

Here at the Patalon Household, we're jokingly referring to it as "Winter Storm Jonas: Day 5."

In the rural-residential region where I live about an hour north of Baltimore, the effects of one of the biggest blizzards in modern history is still very much in evidence. According to the daily updates we get from the Harford County Office of Emergency Management, about half of the county's 1,000 miles of roadway had seen one pass by a snowplow by day's end Sunday; by Monday evening, it was up to 82%.

Again... we're talking as little as one pass. And a lot of the neighborhood cul-de-sacs - including the one at the end of my street - still hadn't been touched as of yesterday evening.

The bottom line: I'm writing this from home.

  1. Glenn Sandritter | January 27, 2016

    How do I get approve for level 2 in option trading I am at level 1 right now but that don't let me do much in help

  2. Greg Johnson | January 31, 2016

    How do I cash out of the earnings if you have options strike calls and puts?

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