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The Investing Lesson I Learned from the World's Greatest Newspaper Editor

During my time as a business journalist, I had the privilege of working for one of the greatest editors in modern newspaper history.

His name is William K. Marimow.

Marimow, a two-time Pulitzer winner as a reporter, was one of those editors who had the rare ability to teach you as he guided you to greatness.

  1. MCCORMICK45309 | July 16, 2016

    22 times trailing earnings is not sensible investing where we have had 5 straight quarters of negative earnings growth. The Schller CAPE ratio shows that the market is close to 40% over valued presently. The absence of fear in the market, VIX index pushing to 12, shows what complacency induced media gives you in terms of risk assessment in the market. Prudence dictates cash and some exposure to precious metals and I will place attractive call butterfly positions on the VXX and UVXY once we get down near the 11 level looking out 3-6 months and keep rolling these positions over and wait for the inevitable crash. The provoked assasination of Trump by a hateful media or riots in central cities as Summer heats up are all in the cards. There is very little to be optimistic about in terms of the US and its economy. Check abstract w22399 out of Harvard U. by Roland Fryer to dispel all the false rhetoric that white police are targeting black men for shootings. Is there much doubt of the conspiracy to keep this detailed study from public dissemination when a local State Senator and Ass't News Editor at the GBPress Gazette have never even heard of this earlier July publication?
    (from my own personal discussions) Mr. Fryer would be the poster child at the White House if his conclusions were opposite and he would find his study on the front pages of every paper in the Country if the racial attacks on white police could be confirmed statistically. Read the abstract.

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