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The Planets are Finally Aligning for Vical

A number of you have written in and asked that we update our recommendation on Vical Inc. (Nasdaq: VICL).

It's a good and timely question. And it is also a useful one because it allows us to tell you about an important precept that will allow you to become a much better - and richer - investor.

That lesson: When you're talking about a specific investment, there's a big difference between being early ... and being wrong.

To get this discussion started, let's first talk about the Vical recommendation.

As longtime Private Briefing subscribers know, we've issued detailed "Buy" recommendations on Vical in two different special reports. The first one was in the April 2012 special report "The Biotech Buyout Binge." The second was in the February report "The Seven Investments You Have to Make in 2013."

We've also "re-recommended" the stock on a number of different occasions, meaning readers who bought this have done so at wide range of prices.

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