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The Stock-Market "Riddle" That Could Make You Rich

Thanks to our Wii gaming system, my seven-year-old son, Joey, has quickly become a big fan of the Batman character entourage.

And because I told Joey that the Riddler is my favorite "special-guest villain" from the old Adam West/Burt Ward "Batman" TV show days, that's now his favorite character, as well.

Because of this newfound affection (affliction?), Joey will approach me once or twice a day and start a statement by saying "Daddy: Riddle me this ..."

Now it's my turn ... to turn the tables on you ...

  1. 000059318524 | June 2, 2014

    Dear Bill.I have been investing many years.I have no experience with shorting.I bought vixx in high teens and kept averaging down until the reverse split.It keeps going down.A word of wisdom would be appreciated.Thanks.FND.

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