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This Brash Tycoon Is Spending $2.4 Billion for a Seat at the Table in Our "Gold Imbalance" Trade

You've heard me say it before: On a beaten-down stock, the single-best "Buy" signal is buying by corporate insiders - the corporate officers and board-of-director members who are in the best position to "see" what's ahead for the company.

In lieu of "insider buying," there's an indicator that I'll watch for - a second signal that can serve as a kind of "proxy" for true insider purchases.

I'm talking about big purchases by a group of investors that I refer to as "frontrunners" or "knowledgeable outsiders."

Here I'm referring to institutional players with a proven record for identifying bargain-basement opportunities - guys like raider-turned-activist Carl Icahn, "constructivist activist" Nelson Peltz or even the legendary Warren Buffett.

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