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This Firm Invented the "Must Have" Device for the IoE – and It Trades For $4 a Share

In his 2011 best-seller The Third Industrial Revolution: How Lateral Power Is Transforming Energy, the Economy, and the World, Jeremy Rifkin says that innovations in energy and digital communications will bring about a transformational change in the global economy - something the geek-speakers refer to as a "paradigm shift."

And while Rifkin says there are multiple catalysts at work, there's one that dwarfs all the others.

Surprise, surprise... it's the "Internet of Everything."

I couldn't agree more with what this futurist/economist is saying - since we've been giving you the same message here for a number of years now.

But instead of the "Third Industrial Revolution" (a catchy, brandable phrase, I grant you), we've been referring to it as the "Convergence Economy."

It doesn't really matter what you call it. (Indeed, a buddy of mine in Pittsburgh - a researcher who's really attuned to tech - likes to call it "Industrial Revolution 3.0," which isn't bad, either.)

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