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Two Cybersecurity Stories You Need to Read – and the Dire Warning They Hold for the New Year

In the Dec. 21 Private Briefing, we gave subscribers a report on the implications of the Pentagon's plan to ratchet up its cyberwar against ISIS. If you haven't perused that piece already, it's worth reading.

And while we're on the subject of Washington, cybersecurity and cyberwarfare, I highly recommend you read a brand-new Wired story that's headlined "The CIA Secret to Cybersecurity That No One Seems to Get."

The Wired piece is written by Mike Gault, founder and CEO of Guardtime, a Blockchain technology platform that authenticates networks and data on an industrial scale.

  1. Patricia Vasquez | December 31, 2015

    Happy New Year!

  2. Will S. | January 1, 2016

    The coming monetary collapse in the U.S., will send reverberations around the world. The Chinese, so dependent on U.S. markets, will subsequently collapse, and the world which is so dependent on these two giant markets, will suffer as a result… WHEN? No-one knows, but probably between 2016-2023 period.

    Those, who hold gold and silver – especially silver – will prosper as the worldwide financial system implodes. Currencies from all the world's prosperous nations, who treat their currency with gay abandon, will collapse first. Those with the most precious metal backing per denomination, will survive the best. Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises suggested this would happen, almost 100 years ago… It has taken all that time to prove him right.

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