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Weekender at Bernie's: Like Us, GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt Fires Back Over "Greed" Diatribe

On Monday, reports surfaced that U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders identified General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE) as one of the "greedy" U.S. companies that's "destroying the moral fabric" of America.

Sanders, a Democratic presidential candidate, made his allegations during a meeting with the editorial board of the New York Daily News.

Sanders called out GE for shuttering U.S. factories, exporting jobs to Mexico and working to shave its tax bill.

  1. James Papsdorf | April 9, 2016

    Unfortunately, Bernie is getting a lot of traction with young voters- who do not understand capitalism…..and campus "free speech".

    • (Admin) Bill Patalon | April 11, 2016

      Dear James:

      Very astute comment … and I mean that. It's a valid observation and is one reason we "take a break" from our usual stock analyses to post a piece like this one.

      Thanks, sir, for taking the time to share your excellent observations.

      I hope we hear from you again.

      Very respectfully yours;

      William (Bill) Patalon III
      Editorial Director/Executive Editor
      Money Map Press
      Private Briefing

  2. Ca Theard | April 11, 2016

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