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What Our Experts Predict For the Year's Second Half

It's a tough time to be an investor.

On one hand, you've got a U.S. stock market that's defying gravity - resulting in one of the greatest bull markets in human history. On the other hand, we know that market is being fed by the cheap-money policies of the U.S. Federal Reserve. After all, the underlying economy just isn't that great. Job creation is weak, incomes aren't rising, and there's still a lot of overhang from the messy financial crisis of 2008-2009.

In short, we're looking at one of the most uncertain stretches in memory.

To ease some of that uncertainty, I asked our band of global-investing gurus here at Money Map Press to take some time at the year's midpoint, share some of their analyses and insights - and make some predictions about what they expect for the rest of 2013. Several also offered some intriguing recommendations for the last half of the year.

Here's what our "gurus" had to say. (If you find this useful, let me know ... We can easily do this more regularly.)

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  1. Harold Hansen | September 30, 2016

    Bill , I see this as being 3 years old.
    Do you still see MSFT and APPL as
    Good to hold? I get fooled by these updates
    Sometimes because of the date.
    I guess Bernanke gave it away.
    Is Nokia ready to get going?
    Thanks Bill, appreciate it, Harold

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