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Where There's Sizzle, There's Usually Steak

In the jargon of Wall Street, it's known as "earnings visibility."

And this slice of certainty is highly prized.

Institutional investors, you see, hate uncertainty - and tend to mark down stocks, bonds, sectors or even geographic markets where the "things to worry about" outnumber the "things you can count on."

Conversely, markets love predictability - and add a "predictability premium" to investments that offer a high-probability glimpse into the future.

This isn't theoretical hokum. This is something I know - from the 30 years I've spent covering public companies... first as a business journalist, and now as a stock-picker and newsletter editor.

I'm telling you this because there's one area where there's plenty of "visibility."

And this "glimpse of the future" tells us that we can count on double-digit growth - for years to come.

Best of all: There's one type of company that's going to "enable" all this growth. We've identified the "class of the field."

Now we're going to turn that lesson, and this insight, into hefty profits - for you...

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