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With A Single Punch, Shah Knocks Out the Food-Inflation Bully

Here in the Northeast, where I live and work, we've just been through one of the toughest, sloppiest, snowiest winters in years.

So it's certainly understandable if some of us find it tough to grasp the fact that Western states like California are experiencing Year Three of a ruinous drought.

But if you're the grocery-shopping appointee in your household (or have a hungry, growing seven-year-old like my wife and I do), the parched tribulations of our water-bereft West Coast counterparts are probably a lot easier to picture and accept.

In fact, you don't have to just "picture" the drought ... you can actually feel it, too - right in your wallet.

Thanks to the drought, you see - and a few other factors, as well - food prices are soaring.

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