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With Billionaires Buying, It's Time to "Follow the Money" into This Stock

I'm like most longtime journalists in that one of my favorite movies of all time is the Watergate docudrama "All the President's Men."

And my favorite scene in that flick is the famous "parking garage" meeting, where Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward (Robert Redford) squares off against confidential source "Deep Throat" (Hal Holbrook) in an effort to gauge the depth and breadth of the Nixon administration scandal the newspaper had uncovered.

Deep Throat's response: "Follow the money."

That's doggone good advice - for reporters tracking down a story and for investors seeking the very best profit plays.

With a beaten-down stock in particular, there's nothing more heartening than en masse insider buying - or substantial investments being made by the handful of institutional players with a proven ability for finding big winners.

Even better is seeing these Big Boys making these investments in stocks that the rest of Wall Street wouldn't even think of touching.

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