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With Our "Liquid Biopsy" Play, We Just Doubled Your Money – in Only Three Months

Shares of TrovaGene Inc. (Nasdaq: TROV) - the San Diego-based "liquid biopsy" play we first recommended back on March 11 - rose nearly 12% last week, bringing the stock's aggregate gain to nearly 106%.

In short, we've doubled your money in exactly three months.

But the best part of this tale is that there are many chapters to come.

And in today's Private Briefing,I'm going to show you why.

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  1. Joyce Allen | August 27, 2015

    I am curious how you calculate that Trovagene has doubled my money since it was recommended. It has been consistently lower than the purchase price. I'm not sorry I invested in it, but I don't see this profit you mention.

  2. eewojo | January 2, 2016

    it went up, then tanked. AND IT HASN'T STOPPED THERE!

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