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Although it's probably not one of the better-known Aesop's Fables, the tale called "The Crow and the Pitcher" is one of my favorites.

The story is about a thirsty crow who comes across a tall, thin-necked pitcher with water down at the bottom - beyond the reach of the poor bird's beak. After failing to push the pitcher over, the crow starts dropping in pebbles - one at a time - filling the jug so that the water eventually rises to the top, enabling the parched bird to drink.

As is always the case, there are many interpretations to this tale's message. But the moral I like - the one put forth by legendary fable-teller Avianus - is that ingenuity is a virtue.

"Thoughtfulness," Avianus would say, "is superior to brute strength."

Thoughtfulness. Ingenuity. Innovation.


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