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Years From Now, This "Fearless" CEO Will Be Viewed as "The Father of the Driverless Car Era"

Having spent the last 30 years observing public companies and their leaders, here's one important lesson I've learned.

Of all the mistakes that corporate CEOs can make, there are two that are nail-down-the-lid-on-your-own-coffin, wipe-yourself-out killers.

Both have to do with emerging "threats" to the company's core business. Those new "threats" can take a number of different forms. Perhaps it's a new technology. Or a new rival. Or some sort of societal change that structurally changes customer wants, needs or tastes.

With any of those options, you're talking about a change in the company's business landscape.

And how the CEO responds to those threats not only bolsters or slashes his or her company's stock price - it can also determine whether that firm thrives... or fails.

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