The 12 Best Cryptocurrencies to Buy Right Now

By Alternative Asset SpecialistMoney Morning  

Editor's note: One of America’s earliest Bitcoin millionaires… a guy who mined Bitcoin from his garage… says “DON’T buy Bitcoin until you watch this interview.” Something new is coming… and it’s about to revolutionize the entire crypto market. It’s technology so advanced that it makes Bitcoin look like a horse and buggy. If this crypto millionaire is right, it would be the greatest wealth generator of our lifetime. See his interview here.

Dear Red Alert Reader,

Earlier this past week, I told my Alternative Wealth Daily viewers to move on ECOMI (OM).

See, there's an interesting play there that no one else seems to be looking at. ECOMI has an app called VeVe where you can buy digital comic books.

Even if comics aren't your thing (though I really hope they are), that's a market worth $7.3 billion right now and projected to top $11.1 billion by 2028.

And I'm not talking about pirated scans of Archie here - this is specifically licensed content from the $4 billion Marvel Comics universe. I'm talking about Spider-Man's house, and VeVe has the run of the place.

It's a massive gains catalyst for ECOMI, and since I mentioned it to my viewers, it's gone up over 20% - and counting.

So that's the first pick today - I've got 11 more coins to tell you about right here...

There are two more tokens to talk about. They're very small coins, "locked and loaded," and based on a technology that makes Bitcoin look like a horse and buggy. That's one of the reasons why we expect they could possibly 10x Bitcoin's performance over the next year, too. Those details are right here...

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