Research Services

  • Long-Term Equity Profits

    The artificial intelligence boom is driving the top AI stocks through the roof. Owning a decent number of shares of any of the top AI stocks would cost you tens of thousands of dollars. But with Chris Johnson’s strategy, you can profit from the rise of these red-hot stocks for a fraction of the price.

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  • Alpha Accelerators

    Join Chris Johnson every Tuesday at 10:30 and Wednesday at 1:30 to experience the Alpha Accelerator in action. When stocks cross CJs Alpha line it will accelerate your profits faster than you’ve ever experience before. The best part, it’s one simple price that is going to make or break any stock that we are looking at and sending our trades deep into profit territory.

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  • Penny Hawk

    Chris Johnson is THE Penny Hawk. He's found incredible profit opportunities in the penny stock market. These are low-dollar stocks with the potential to make astronomical moves higher. It's easier for a $0.50 stock to double than it is for a $50 stock, right?

    But the market is big. Bigger than the NYSE and the Nasdaq. And a lot of penny stocks are nothing but junk. But that's where the Penny Hawk comes in. Like a hawk hunting down prey, CJ hunts down the best profits in the penny stock market – and delivers them straight to your inbox.

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