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Futures Rally on Nvidia Despite Fed Minutes and Debt Ceiling Worries

U.S.stocks fell for the second day in a row as negotiations over raising the debt ceiling continue to weigh on sentiment.The Dow Jones fell over 200 points along with the S&P 500 and Nasdaq following suit.We could see a nice rally off the back of strong earnings from Nvidia if any positive news comes out of debt-ceiling talks between Biden and McCarthy.

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2023 Profit Roadmap: Top Stocks to Buy (and Avoid) for the New Year

2023 will be a year of flexibility when it comes to your investing and trading strategy.If you hold onto a single rigid system of making money, it’s likely the market will flip next week and what you’re used to isn’t the reality anymore.

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This Semiconductor Stock Could Hand You Gains of 120% or More

The global semiconductor industry is expected to be worth over $600 billion in 2022.While it’s still trumped by the $10 trillion farming industry and the $5 trillion oil and gas industry, nearly 80% of all food or fuel doesn’t come from a mere handful of manufacturers.That gives chip stocks a unique edge.



AMD or Nvidia: Which Chip Stock Is the Best Buy?

AMD and Nvidia are two of the hottest chip stocks on the market.

But if you can only buy one, there’s a clear winner.

Both Advanced Micro Devices (Nasdaq: AMD) and Nvidia (Nasdaq: AMD) are growing at a quick pace in 2021, thanks to the chip shortage that began in 2020.

So far, Nvidia is up 70% year to date.

And AMD has gained 45% since May.

This shortage pushed the cost of semiconductors higher and, in turn, drove the share price these companies higher.

But which chip stock is the best buy?



Own This Company Before the Government Hits It Up for Help

There’s still one critical pandemic shortage that’s not only recovered, but has only gotten worse: Semiconductors.

That’s why the government’s preparing to spend billions to help solve the supply shortage in the sector.

And one firm’s in a really good position for savvy investors to capitalize on this scenario… .



Semiconductor Stocks: Winners and Losers After Apple's Bombshell

While Apple is known for disrupting entire industries, few expected it to send a shock wave toward semiconductor stocks.

But the Apple-designed M1 chip in its latest Macs will do just that.

The M1 is the first ARM-based processor to match the muscle of an Intel CPU.

But the M1 achieves this feat while using far less energy.

This is an unprecedented threat to Intel but opens a window of opportunity to several chipmakers.

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Why AMD Stock Is a Better Buy Than Intel or Nvidia

When it comes to investing, it's difficult to find the next big thing.

Companies like Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), Zoom (NASDAQ: ZOOM) and Teladoc (NYSE: TDOC) have all been media darlings, but I'm focusing on a completely different space.

The fact is, consolidation is fueling growth in the semiconductor market.

That's why we have seen as much M&A in the semiconductor market this year as we have had in the past three years combined.

These deals are creating cross-sell opportunities and improving manufacturing as they scale up.

While these deals I just mentioned were the largest semiconductor deals of the year, I'm looking at what could be one of the biggest opportunities as two more companies join forces.

Here's why that makes AMD stock one of my favorite tech plays right now...