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Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Volatile After Trump Wins Election

The Dow Jones Industrial Average today is tanking after Trump won the Oval Office.

The markets are bracing for the uncertainty that a Trump presidency will bring.

But that's not the only reason why the Dow is down- here's all the important stock market information to get you ready for Nov. 9...


Three Stocks to Buy Now That Keep Delivering Big Gains

Some of the best stocks to buy now have already logged impressive gains.

These are stocks that keep rising higher over time. While many investors would be tempted to take their initial profits and walk, Money Morning Executive Editor Bill Patalon has a knack for knowing when to stick with a winner to capture even more gains.

Here are three stocks to buy that Patalon has recently re-recommended to his readers...

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Industrial Average Slides as Oil Prices Slump

The Dow Jones Industrial Average today is sliding because investors are afraid that OPEC can't stop excessive oil production.

The excessive production is causing volatile oil prices.

But there's more stories you need to know about today- here's all the important stock market information to get you ready for Oct. 26...


My Favorite Defense Play Just Bought a Turnkey Profit Generator

There's a sentiment among warfighters going all the way back to Sun Tzu's time that goes something like, "amateurs talk weapons and tactics, pros talk logistics."

Logistics are what make it possible to actually go somewhere and fight to achieve an objective. And it is hands down the most difficult, costly component of fighting. For every one soldier on the field, fighting, there must be dozens of support personnel in the rear, doing hundreds of tasks.

So for thousands of years, generals and military chiefs have always sought ways to make logistics easier, safer, and less expensive.

Well, they would have loved to get their hands on the disruptive technology I'm about to show you. I think it will likely change the way this country fights its wars forever.

And right now, the company that makes it is "on sale." It's been beaten down about 3.5% over the past few days, giving us a beautiful opportunity to add some more shares and keep our costs down.

These prices won't last long, though, once Wall Street gets wind of what's coming through...


Get Ready for Another Round of Triple-Digit Gains... Courtesy of the WTO

I remember a bitter global trade dispute from my days as a reporter, back in the 1990s – you might, too.

Rochester, N.Y.-based Eastman Kodak alleged Japanese rival Fujifilm was employing unfair practices – colluding with the Japanese government to create a "profit sanctuary," and erecting trade and distribution barriers – to dampen competition in Japan and abroad, and achieve dominance in the world photo products market.

From what I could see, anecdotally, Kodak's claims had at least some merit. The European Commission agreed, but the World Trade Organization didn't see it that way; Fuji was allowed to continue to press its advantage.

Winning the dispute made Fuji a bigger, bolder company. It invested in itself. I went on a tour of Fuji's Greenwood, S.C. plant, and it blew Kodak's facilities out of the water; it was "modular," modern, more efficient, and more easily able to adapt to fluctuations in market preferences.

Of course, the birth of digital photography soon made the dispute academic. We never got to see how it all might've played out.

Now, I mention all this because the WTO just issued another landmark ruling in a major international trade dispute with billions at stake.

I can't say history is repeating, though – this time, the organization sided with the American firm and against its rival in Europe.

That's great news for American industry, but especially for my readers. They've got the chance to reap a whole new batch of profits – after we've already seen peak gains of 157%.

We're backing the winning horse here, folks...