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How to Profit from Boeing Stock Without Owning a Single Share

After peaking in March of 2019, shares of Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) have had a rocky year with shares ultimately dropping 23%.

That drop has investors wondering this is an opportunity to buy into the biggest stock on the Dow.

We think it's too early to say, but that shouldn't stop you from making money from the stock.

We'll show you what our research says about the stock, including a chart you don't want to miss.

It'll show you exactly when shares of Boeing are going to be bought and sold.

And it's the perfect tool for turning Boeing's bumpy ride into cash...

Trading Strategies

Regardless of Where Boeing Heads Next, Here's How to Score Big on It

The fall of aviation icon Boeing has been one of the most shocking market stories of the past year.

Once the biggest name in the industry, Boeing took hit after hit throughout 2019.

Let's go back to the beginning.

In 2018, Boeing was promising it could ramp up production of its 737 Max models to meet the influx in demand.

Just five days later, the world witnessed the first 737 Max crash.

And five months after that, a second crash rocked the world and the company.

This was followed by a laundry list of misfortune for Boeing.

What was supposed to be the company's flagship model turned into its worst nightmare. The plane has been grounded worldwide since March 2019.

Cancellations have outpaced deliveries following the aircraft's grounding. And its overall shares have plummeted about 25% following the second deadly crash.

Meanwhile, Boeing's main competitor, Airbus, has been outpacing it in the production of the A320neo, a roughly equivalent aircraft.

Boeing's recent earnings report posted its first annual loss in more than two decades. According to Barron's, core earnings per share fell from $10.85 to $6.50 for 2020, while cash flow was cut from an inflow of $9.8 billion to an outflow of $5.6 billion.

This earnings report has opened the door to a whirlwind of different questions – but the most important one for traders is where this stock will head next.

It's a great question, but it doesn't really matter. Let me explain why… Full Story

It's a great question, but it doesn't really matter. Let me explain why...


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