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These Cheap Stocks Could Soar up to 276%

Cheap stocks offer the possibility of spectacular profits in a short time.

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This Top Penny Stock Could Skyrocket 234%

It's been a banner year for the top penny stocks.

Just look at top penny stock Blink Charging Co.

In May, Blink soared 288% on news that the company struck a deal with the City of Miami to install ports that will charge electric vehicles in the city's garages.

Blink's tremendous gains show the kind of returns a strong penny stock can generate for shareholders.


2 Top Penny Stocks to Watch in June, Plus One Small Cap to Buy

Penny stocks are the perfect investment for investors looking to collect strong gains with little initial investment.

However, the right penny stocks can be difficult to identify.

To give our readers an edge in the marketplace, we're releasing the two top penny stocks to watch in June.

We're also looking at the one stock you need to buy right now.

You see, while some penny stocks have the potential to deliver strong returns, a majority of them are unlikely to provide profits to shareholders.

In order to protect your investments, we follow five rules for investing in penny stocks...


May's Top Penny Stock Gained 439%; Here's the Stock You Need to Buy in June

With the top six top penny stocks gaining over 100% in May, we've assembled the 10 top penny stocks to watch for June. We've also found the one affordable stock you need in your portfolio right now.

The top-performing penny stock in May was Blink Charging Co. (Nasdaq: BLNK), a company that develops electric vehicle charging ports.

Thanks to several partnership the company made in May, Blink stock surged an astonishing 439%.

On May 11, Blink stock gained over 100% after the company announced a partnership with the city of Miami, Fla., to install its ports in the city’s garages...


10 Top Penny Stocks to Watch This Week, and One Small-Cap Stock to Buy

With our top penny stock posting a 288% gain last week, we're taking a close look at the 10 top penny stocks to watch this week.

You see, penny stocks are perfect for investors looking for quick, strong returns without the expensive initial investments that come with large stock or stock options.

Blink Charging Co., this week's top earner, is a perfect example.

Last Friday (May 11), Blink stock surged after the company announced a partnership with the City of Miami, Fla., to install its electric vehicle charging ports in city garages.