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This New "Cannabis Testing" Stock Could Absolutely Skyrocket

We've been talking about cannabis investing here at Money Morning for quite some time simply because of the huge profit potential – even now – for investors. But cannabis, or legal marijuana, is quite a diverse sector.

California and Canada have legalized recreational marijuana use, and there are dozens of states lined up to follow suit. The global marijuana market will be worth nearly $60 billion in less than 10 years, according to ArcView Market Research.

However, one need that still seems to be underserved is cannabis-testing devices. And today, we'll show you a cannabis stock that could skyrocket as these products begin hitting the market.

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This Company Could Revolutionize Cannabis Testing

I'll cut right to the chase.

Monday's tech sell-off, combined with news from Canada that will make sense in a moment, created a very specific opening. As usual, that's a terrific opportunity.

Specifically, I want you to capitalize on the ensuing chaos by picking up an innovative testing company that got unfairly beaten down.

Today's recommendation is in one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet and, importantly, what I am suggesting is a twist on things that I've never seen discussed elsewhere.

Let's dive right in.

Pot, Maui-Wowi, magic lettuce, cannabis… whatever you want to call it, marijuana is here to stay.

California and Canada have legalized recreational use, and there are dozens of jurisdictions that are going to follow along. The global marijuana market will be worth nearly $60 billion less than ten years from now, according to Arcview Market Research.

More people than ever will "light up" which means there's a huge opening being created...

Marijuana Stocks

Here's the Top Marijuana Penny Stock to Watch for December 2017 (and One Pot Stock to Buy)

Our top marijuana penny stock to watch for December is one of the best performers for the year and still has upside ahead of it.

However, investors must be aware that marijuana penny stocks are risky. Penny stocks are extremely volatile and should only be purchased by investors with a strong risk tolerances.

For investors who are interested in offsetting the risk of penny stocks, we'll also reveal a safer marijuana stock to buy. It's perfectly positioned to profit from the estimated $24 billion in hydroponics equipment sales next year.

But first, let's look at one of November's top performers...