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Analyst Upgrades Are "Driving" This Options Trade Through the Roof

This online car buying platform was already on the rise after a projected earnings beat and two analysts upgrades..

But now that hopes for a new stimulus deal are reigniting on Capitol Hill, Chris Johnson expects Americans to swarm towards this company, checks in hand.

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Flying Cars Are Coming - and Here’s the Best Way to Play This Emerging Tech Trend

Right now, on a big screen near you, Ryan Gosling's character in "Blade Runner 2049" is piloting a flying car known as a "Spinner" to hunt down renegade androids – replicants.

The flying car is an idea so old it's almost timeless.

But I trace its modern beginnings back to 1926, when Henry Ford himself showed off the "sky flivver" – a tiny, 350-pound, single-seat monoplane – to the press.

Call it a "sky flivver," a "plane car," a "personal aircraft," or a "flying car"… we've been waiting a long time.

Now mark my word. It will come.

You may smile, or even laugh. Feel free.

But the fact is, flying cars are coming – fast.

In fact, one company I've followed closely for decades just bought a startup focused on autonomous air taxis.

And I believe that company is the single best way to play this emerging tech trend...