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This Stock Offers High-Growth, Low-Stress Protection from Trump's Tweets

By now we've all seen the "Trump Tweet Effect" in full effect these past weeks, as the president-elect's unfiltered social media messages hit some of Wall Street's favorite stocks, like Boeing, for better… or worse.

Lockheed Martin, for instance, one of our best defense plays, lost $4 billion in value in the aftermath of Trump's tweeted remarks about the F-35 Lightning program.

Frankly, the losses on Lockheed and Boeing, and for that matter the gains on SoftBank, say more about Wall Street traders than about Donald Trump – or the stocks he's talking about.

But the truth is, it's likely we can look forward to this kind of "volatility" from here on out.

Unless… you go with the recommendation I'm going to show you now.

It's offering explosive growth in a blue-chip package - 37% gains year to date, and I can't imagine any mere 140 characters are going to ding it...


Obamacare Failures Tear Apart Government-Insurer Partnership

With the Department of Justice trying to block two mega-mergers, the health insurance companies have struck back by pulling out of the Obamacare exchanges.

Now Democratic lawmakers are accusing the insurers of using their participation in Obamacare as a bargaining chip to change the DOJ's mind.

But the government is far from innocent here.

The insurers are no saints, but the government is at least as much to blame for this mess...