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The 10 Top Penny Stocks to Watch This Week Could Help You Beat April's Returns

For the last 20 years, April has been the best month for stocks, delivering an average return of 1.7% for Wall Street's biggest stocks.

However, we can blow those returns out of the water with the 10 top penny stocks to watch this week.

That's because penny stocks with strong financial backing can generate triple-digit returns on incredibly minor price movements.



This Penny Stock Has Triple-Digit Growth Potential

Last week's top 10 Penny stocks generated strong returns, giving savvy investors strong gains with very little upfront investment.

Last week's top performing penny stock, Orchids Paper Products Co., jumped over 218% last week after the company delivered a stellar earns reports on Aug. 13.

Orchids' triple-digit returns are a perfect example of the spectacular profit potential that select penny stocks can deliver. However, the key to locking in these kinds of returns is to buy a strong penny stock before it jumps dramatically.