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The Dow Jones Industrial Average Is Tethered by a Proxy Attack on a Saudi Oil Field

Expect to hear the term "Black Swan" or "Grey Swan" a lot on Monday.

That's because something happened that everyone in the world should have seen coming, and it's going to have a significant impact on the geopolitical map in the Middle East.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average will slide today after the largest single-day crude price uptick in almost four years.

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Crummy 2018 Refund? These Corporate Tax Dodgers Made Billions - and Got $4.3 Billion Back

Many Americans were disappointed and angry over lower-than-expected tax refunds this year.

But corporations fared much better.

This year, 60 U.S. companies that turned a profit in 2018 not only paid nothing to the IRS – they actually received millions in rebates from the government.

The 2017 tax law, while not entirely responsible, made the disparity between what individuals pay and what corporations pay much wider.

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The One Permian Oil Stock to Buy Before Its Big Rebound

Oil prices are set to rise in the United States as the summer driving season commences.

U.S. sanctions on Venezuela and Iran are having a profound impact on refiners' ability to procure crude required for diesel fuel.

Russia and OPEC (which includes Saudi Arabia) will continue to cut crude production to bolster support.

And optimism continues to rise about a trade deal between the United States and China.

Today, we found the best oil stock to buy that recently earned one of our top VQScores and is ready for a huge bounce back in the next few months...