Dover Downs Gaming & Entertainment Inc


Three Best Gambling Stocks to Own Right Now

The gambling industry is red-hot, and that's creating new opportunities for investors to make money on the best gambling stocks right now.

As an economist and avid analyst in the sports gambling business, I've used the VQScore to identify double- and triple-digit winners.

This week, three of the best gambling stocks in the business hit our "Buy Zone," meaning they had scores of 4 or higher.



How to Parlay This 103% Sports-Betting Winner into Even More Profits

Back on June 21, I wrote to let you in on a fast-moving, high-profit stock – Dover Downs Gaming & Entertainment.

Folks who got the recommendation and bought in have had the chance to pocket more than 103% in gains over that time frame. That's likely just the start, given what's coming.

Now, the profits don't stem from a blazing-fast new microprocessor, destined for billions of smartphones. Dover hasn't cornered the market on e-commerce to give Amazon.com a run for its money. Nor has it inspired the Pentagon to fork over truckloads of money on some high-tech killer weapon.

No, Dover is riding high because of… gambling, pure and simple.

Recent changes to federal law have opened the floodgates on a sector where growth has previously been, for most intents and purposes, hemmed in.

Much like recent changes in state and local marijuana laws, gambling has sparked a modern-day "gold rush" of sorts, and there's no putting it back in the box.

Today, to build on our success with Dover, I'm going to recommend a play few other industry analysts are looking at – more upside for us, at a double-digit discount no less.

And then there's the inflation-beating income...