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What to Do with Your Big Tech Stocks Right Now

With the Nasdaq down more than 7% in just a month, investors are wondering whether their Big Tech shares, which performed exceptionally well over the past 12 uncertain months, are about to nosedive.

Shah's breaking down exactly what's going on and just what to do with your Big Tech stocks right now….



The Market's Best Stocks to Buy (and How to Buy Them)

Whenever there's a strong rally, investors naturally fear that it's a bubble.

For the most part, Shah doesn't think it is, but he does see some froth in a red-hot sector right now.

He's not worried, though, because he'll show you how to easily avoid it.

Plus, he'll point to where he sees strength that far outweighs any bubble out there….



Here’s My Favorite Facebook Alternative Right Now

Facebook’s currently in the middle of a controversy over the role “Big Tech” should – or shouldn’t – play in regulating speech, with the federal government and some 46 state attorneys general actively seeking the breakup of the world’s most successful social media site.

Playing this space just right can give savvy tech investors double the market’s return….



Turn Your $600 Stimulus Check into Much More with This Top Stock

Congress has finally gotten its act together and passed a stimulus package to support the economy.

That's welcome news.

You see, one of the great benefits of these stimulus checks is it's a great opportunity for stock buying.

Not only do investors have a bit more cash to sink into the market, but the boost to the market could create a windfall opportunity for the right stocks.

And we've got just the one to buy now...


Best Call Options to Trade Now for a Quick 70% Profit

With all the hype in the market these days as the economy recovers, the vaccines are rolled out and more stimulus from Washington seems to be just over the horizon, you've likely noticed options contracts are getting very expensive.

Those high prices for contracts take the wind out of sails when it comes to trading options.

For one, higher prices means more risk since you have more to lose.

And when you start at a high price, there may not be as much room for the trade to profit.

We have a solution for that problem, and it's making for our best call options to trade right now.


Let the 2021 SPAC Boom Dramatically Increase Your Profits

The IPO process is undergoing some radical changes for the better, thanks to the rise of the special purpose acquisition company, or SPAC – a "route" to going public that's become wildly popular this year.

What's more, it'll radically be increasing access to all kinds of investing opportunities for investors.

Here's what you need to know…